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Breville 800esxl Espresso Machine

Posted by admin On August – 10 – 2009

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The Breville 800ESXL’s body, controls and tamping head are formed using the highest-grade aluminum and zinc. Unlike thinner pressed metals, die-cast construction moulds molten metals at intense temperatures. The result is the ultimate in durability and performance, and a more refined finish.

With a full 4.5 inch clearance, this is the first machine designed to accommodate larger cups and travel mugs, making it ideal not just for Espresso, but for Espresso variations like Americano, Cappuccino and Café Latte.

Stainless Steel Filters

Each stainless steel filter incorporates Brevilles unique dual-wall crema technology. Beneath the first walls 333 pores is a second wall with a single exit hole. This produces a back pressure which, together with the Triple-Prime pump, extracts more flavor from the coffee than any other machine.

Swivel Steam Wand for Frothing

The stainless steel steam wand is mounted on a swivel ball for easy maneuverability. It produces continuous dry steam for barista-style milk and froth. The wand also dispenses hot water on demand.

Temperature Control

The thermoblock maintains the water at an ideal 204°F during extraction. While steaming, it reaches temperatures of over 250°F. So when steaming is completed, the unique Auto-Purge function releases a measured amount of steam to return the temperature to the optimal level.

15 Bar Triple Pump

Prior to extraction, the unique 15 bar Triple-Prime pump automatically releases three bursts of hot water into the filter head, causing the ground coffee or Espresso pod to expand. The increased pressure, allowing the machine to extract more crema, gives the coffee a rich, smooth taste.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 10 x 10.5 x 12.25
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs.
  • Pump: 15 bar pump
  • Manufacturing: Made in Italy
  • Materials: Professional grade die-cast and stainless steel
  • Head Elevation: 4.5 inches
  • Temperature: 204° F during brewing, 250° F while steaming
  • Innovations: Triple-Prime feature Auto-Purge Self-retracting water tank tube Dual-wall crema system
  • Key Features: 75 oz. removable water tank, 72 sq. inch solid steel cup warming tray,  Swivel steam wand with froth enhancer, concealed storage compartment.
  • Accessories: Tamping tool/measuring spoon Cleaning tool Stainless steel frothing pitcher.

Price: $209.99

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