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Gaggia Coffee Machines

Posted by admin On October – 11 – 2009

gaggiacoffeemachinesWith over fifty years of making domestic and professional coffee machines, Gaggia ( is one of the pioneering and foremost global companies that relentless bring to consumers the flavor, aroma, and, of course, tradition of sipping a wonderfully prepared coffee cup. The first Gaggia coffee machine was designed by Achille Gaggia to serve a simple cup of espresso that made Gaggia was it is today. Recently acquired by Caffe Shop Ltd., a member of the Saeco International Group, Gaggia coffee machine and the company formed by Mr. Gaggia himself remain one of the few true marks of the rich tradition of coffee making and human progress.

Read on to know more about Gaggia coffee makers and the machines that brought a perfect espresso to each one of our homes.

The Gaggia Domestic Coffee Machines

With the success of his marketing slogan “Caffe crema di caffe naturale,” or, “Coffee Cream from Natural Coffee” posted right to his bar window, Mr. Gaggia explored the possibility of bringing to the world the achievement that he has made from his bar. With the help of Senior Capsoni, Mr. Gaggia exported the machine as the first and true espresso machine, a giant leap from the inferior and bitter-tasting coffee produced by the Bezzera machines. And, in 1952 the espresso machine designed by Mr. Gaggia himself, branded and marketed under the name “Gilda”, brings the coffee culture to our home.

Baby Gaggia Coffee Machine, also known as The Original, is one of the first and, indeed, finest models that Gaggia has produced. One of the first Gaggia coffee makers marketed in 1977, the Baby Black now comes with a variety of colors, designs, and even added features that lovingly complement the tradition of Gaggia. Complete with its traditional features like the unique forther, the Baby Black remains one of the best selling Gaggia coffee machines since 1977.

The Baby Gaggia coffee makers comes with a durable plastic body, a chrome plated filter, and an easy-to-fill tank. Choose from a wide range of colors: the classic black, simple Ivory, a sleek Dose Silver, the retro Dose Red, and the original silver Class.

Classic model delicately entwines the elegance of its brushed body casing and the advanced technology in creating a perfect and nostalgic aroma and body of perfectly brewed coffee. A perfect addition to a minimalist countertop or even as the highlight of a warm home, the Classic Model comes in Brushed Chrome and Plain Chrome design.

Cubika is specifically designed for large households and a hostess who loves to cater to a large audience. The Cubika is modeled to have as many features of a professional and the top rate Gaggia coffee machines in a compact body that could fitted in a neat kitchen countertop. Integrated with the steam tea preparation technique, the Cubika could be used to prepare bodied coffee and a perfect cup of tea. And, with its Gaggia espresso patented technology, you could easily prepare espresso with either ground coffee or espresso POD

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