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Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine

Posted by admin On August – 17 – 2009

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Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Cappuccino Maker

The Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso machines has a matte finish and makes 1-4 cups of coffee in one brew. It comes complete with separate brewing and frothing mechanisms – A powerful milk frother and variable steam control. It has lighted switches and cord storage.

This compact machine is a capable of brewing strong coffee and has a great design which does not occupy a lot of space.

The rounded design makes it easy to handle but some comments about the build quality lead us to believe that it is not as strong compared to other machines. That being said, it should be adequate for home usage unless you plan on kicking around your kitchen (which I hope you are not!). The knob and top cover may be difficult to turn for some but it won’t keep you from making coffee.

The price of the Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine makes it accessible for all. You can grab one for under $50 and not many machines in this price range can provide such coffee quality. One reviewer said:

I can actually achieve a more intense coffee out of the Mr Coffee machine then anything out of other more expensive coffee makers, and its far less work intensive. I don’t need to wait around staring at the coffee machine to manually adjust it so it does not overflow the small coffee shot glasses that I typically use with my professional machine. I’m able to set the Mr Coffee, turn it on, and leave it for a bit, to return to a wonderfully brewed pot of espresso waiting for me. I’m very happy with my purchase!

Overall, as long as you read the instruction manual and use the machine properly, you shouldn’t have any problems with it and it will serve as a good long term coffee espresso machine at a brilliant price.

Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machines for Sale

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