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Multi Cup Coffee Machines

Posted by admin On August – 9 – 2009

For a household or office with many people, a multi cup coffee machine is a must. These machines allow brew enough coffee to make more than one cup at one time.

Some come equipped with two automatic drip functions which can fill two cups at one time. The main advantage of the multi cup feature is that cuts down the time it takes to make coffee significantly. This type of machine is a great time saver for people in a busy environment with no time to waste.

For small households, the 2 cup coffee maker or 4 cup machine is definitely ideal. These machines prevent a lot of wasted coffee by providing just the right amount of coffee for a small household. There are automatic 2-cup machines that really have two separate cups, which are great for couples. One classic product under this product classification is the Two-to-Go by Cuisinart. If you want to be sure that you have some more when you need it, you can upgrade to a 4-cup such as the Cuisinart DCC-450 which has a stainless steel carafe and a Brew and Pause feature.

For small offices and extended households, the 10 cup machine and the 12 cup machine are great choices. Coffee makers with this capacity level are popular because they provide not that many but also not a few cups. And since it can brew more at once, these machines save time and energy. All your household members can also get coffee without waiting. And for mid-sized businesses, there’s the 20 cup machines with a slightly larger capacity. For an excellent 10 cup, 12 cup, or 20 cup machine, check out some products from Braun, especially the KF510 AromaDeluxe 10-Cup which also has a lot of other features.

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