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Senseo Coffee Machines

Posted by admin On October – 11 – 2009

senseocoffeemachineThe story behind Senseo coffee machine is a partnership between two leading innovators. When Douwe Egberts Corporation, famously known as DE and one of the world’s foremost corporations that trades and processes tea, coffee, tobacco, and other grocery items, came to Philips and introduced a unique coffee brewing system. In 2001, the two established corporations introduced the Senseo coffee machine, a single cup brewing machine that integrates the use of coffee pods (or pads) to make a perfect coffee cup.

In this we’ll explore more about Senseo coffee makers, the brand that made an almost infinite and premium coffee blends, and why the Senseo brand is truly one of today’s kitchen must-haves.

The Story of the Senseo Coffee Maker

Developed by WAACS Design Consultancy, the task of creating the Senseo coffee machine was given to Joost Alferink, the principal designer and founder of WAACS. The concept that the Douwe Egberts Corporation wanted was simple: a design different from traditional coffee makers, a machine that a coffee lover, who needs a boost of caffeine now and then, would not be afraid to use at least five times a day, says Alferink. With a seemingly never-ending series of trial and error, WACCS came up with a detachable, friendly looking, volume pumping, and a bending coffee maker that is made to look like it is saying “I am your humble Senseo coffee maker,” says Alferink.

Coffee is best served for two, something that two people could enjoy. So instead of having only one button, we came up with a two-button machine so a person could share the coffee with another he would love to talk with, says Alferink.

Senseo Coffee Machine Models and Features

Senseo® Coffee Machine, produced and quality assured by Philips, utilizes a patented system to produce a perfect blend of your favorite Senseo Coffee. Unlike other brewing systems, the design perfected by Philips in producing the Senseo Coffee Machine ensures every homemaker that only the right amount of water goes into the filtering system. In this way, the Coffee Maker optimally balances the flavor and body that goes into every cup. And, with its Auto Shutoff system, you could comfortably check your mailbox without having to worry about cleaning up and even having a burnt coffee.

And with a normal retail price of $69.99, the Senseo Coffee Machine is definitely one of the most affordable coffee makers that would be a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Senseo Supreme – Single Serve Gourmet Coffeemaker offers a convenient and easy way of brewing your favorite Senseo coffee blend with that special froth unique with the Senseo coffee maker. With just one touch, you can instantly enjoy a unique blend in a minute without compromising the coffee’s flavor and aroma. And, with a multi-beverage system, you can easily enjoy the frothiest and perfectly made cup of coffee, tea, and chocolate anytime your heart desires.

The clear advantage: the Senseo Supreme is designed with a coffee volume control so you can pour yourself a cup of coffee without having to worry about coffee spills.

Convenient brewing. Now you can conveniently and confidently brew a cup of coffee and never have to worry about burning your fave blend. With the Senseo Auto Shutoff technology, you need not to worry about cleaning up coffee spills and mess at your counter again.

Dishwasher safe. With detachable and dishwasher safe parts, you can easily clean up your Senseo coffee machine even after a tiring day.

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